What Is A Love Offering?

 A Love Offering is a term you will frequently hear at Unity of Bay City. The vast majority of events and activities held here at our spiritual center are presented on a “Love Offering” basis. As a charitable not-for-profit organization, we rely fully on free-will gifts to maintain and develop our staff, volunteers, facilities and programs that we provide.   

The idea of a Love Offering has deep roots in Unity. Our co-founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, pretty much insisted on it as pathway to do their own spiritual work. We believe that giving a generous financial contribution to what spiritually feeds us is an acknowledgement of God’s Love and Abundance. We are putting God first when we give to spiritual practices and programs that inspire our minds, hearts, and souls. And as we give, we create a space where what we give comes back to us overflowing. Therefore, let what you give be given joyfully and with love.

In keeping with Unity’s traditions, Unity of Bay City joyfully shares 10% of all we receive with organizations and individuals that have blessed us spiritually. In addition to this 10%, we share 50% of all class and workshop offerings with our instructors.    

Like most Unity Centers, we suggest a $10 love offering per class, and encourage you to give as generously and responsibly as you are able. We will never exclude anyone from participating due to lack of funds.  Your presence and your love offering allow us to serve as a beacon of light for the world.  Thank you for giving with love.

Our Offertory Blessing:

“Divine love, through me, blesses and multiples all that I have, all that I give, and all that I